Our Company

CountryBred is a premier experiential travel company that delivers culturally rich private journeys to remarkable locales. Our premium travel experiences are custom crafted to be distinct, regional explorations that incorporate robust cultural elements such as food, wine, art, history and literature.

Our Mission

CountryBred inspires travelers to embrace culture in a fresh, dynamic and personal way. Our mission is to provide our clients with distinctly original travel experiences, where time is spent cultivating a rich understanding of the regional culture, cuisines and ways of life that our travelers explore. CountryBred Encounters are designed to be profoundly original, deeply rewarding and tailored to the motivations of our clients.

Our Vision

CountryBred protects the cultural integrity of every country and region it represents by fostering a global lifestyle rooted in the unity and awareness of experiential travel.

Our Commitment to Local Sustainability

CountryBred is committed to encouraging the sustainability of local communities through our support of small businesses, families and organizations that contribute to the preservation of their regional heritage. Our cultural travel experiences celebrate the artisanal food producers, family-owned wineries, local craftspeople, artists and boutique hoteliers that truly define their communities.