Do As The Locals Do: Upcoming Emilia-Romagna Events

Castello Sismondo

Do As The Locals Do: Upcoming Emilia-Romagna Events

Do as the locals do by enjoying three of Emilia-Romagna’s upcoming regional events:

Caravaggio e Altri Pittori del Seicento (Caravaggio and Other Painters From the 1600’s)

Caravaggio e Altri Pittori del Seicento. Courtesy of Linea d'Ombra

Caravaggio e Altri Pittori del Seicento. Courtesy of Linea d’Ombra

Location: Castle Sismondo, Rimini, Italy

Dates: Now through March 27th, 2011

Why You Should Go: Inspired by the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death and housed inside the historic Castello Sismondo, the exhibit features celebrated works by Caravaggio and other 17th century masterpieces on loan from America’s oldest museum, the Wadsworth Atheneum of Hartford, Connecticut. The focal point of the collection is Caravaggio’s infamous “Ecstasy of Saint Francis”, which is accented by other revered Italian works of the same era, including paintings by Gentileschi, Cigoli, Morazzone and Strozzi. The exhibit also showcases paintings from important Spanish artists like Zurbarán and Ribera, in which the influence of Caravaggio’s naturalism and chiaroscuro techniques can be observed. The exhibit culminates with works from the Flemish artists Sweerts, Van Dyck and Hals. The impeccable quality of the pieces is only matched by the illustrious setting of the Castello Sismondo in the stunning seaside treasure of Rimini.

Motor Show of Bologna

Location: Bologna Exhibition Center, Bologna, Italy

Dates: December 4th through 12th, 2010

Moto Show Bologna. Courtesy of, Bologna, Italy

Moto Show Bologna. Courtesy of

Why You Should Go: The 35th annual Motor Show of Bologna will welcome over 450,000 automobile enthusiasts to be awed by the most up to date advances in automobile technology and visit exhibits hosted by hundreds of renowned car sponsors. The Motor Show is considered to be one of the best in the world due in part to its philosophy of encouraging visitors to fully experience new automobiles and car products through test driving them on one of the many outdoor tracks that connect to the exhibition pavilion. A key focus of this year’s show will be electric and green vehicles, where the latest and greatest concept cars will debut to the public. The “Mobile 1” arena, directly adjacent to the main exhibition pavilion, will feature outdoor races and events including:

  • Porsche Carrera Cup Italia
  • Formula Renault 2.0 Italia
  • Formula 2.0 Light
  • Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Cup
  • Ferrari Challenge Shell Cup
  • GT Challenge
  • Rally

In addition to traditional car races there will be a number of motorcycle events as well as non-speed events, such as the Ferrari Pit Stop challenge and Police Academy stunt show. Every event is sure to pump-up the adrenaline for the tens of thousands of excited visitors expected to attend the show.

Saint Geminiano Festival of Modena

San Geminiano Festival. Courtesy of Comune di Modena, Italy

San Geminiano Festival. Courtesy of Comune di Modena

Location: Modena, Italy

Dates: January 31st (annually)

Why You Should Go: The historical city center of Modena lights up every year with a one of a kind celebration in honor of their patron saint, Saint Geminiano. Modena’s main cathedral is adorned with relics featuring the saint, while the rest of the city is transformed into a sea of stands showcasing local vendors and their wares. The day kicks off with a traditional procession comprised of citizens outfitted in historical yellow and blue costumes and bearing offerings to their patron saint. Starting at City Hall, the procession weaves its way through the city before reaching the main cathedral where the pageantry culminates as lamps and candles are lit in front of the saint’s sepulcher in the crypt of the cathedral. The city’s festivities are rooted in the mysterious legend surrounding how Saint Geminiano was able to save his people from grave peril in the 400’s.  Born in a town 6 kilometers outside of Modena, Saint Geminiano began his religious life as a deacon before earning the role of bishop. He is considered by Modena’s residents to be the father of Christianity in the province, as he began preaching during a period when paganism was the overwhelming belief system. Legend states that in the 5th century, as the barbarian invasions of Italy had begun, Saint Geminiano saved Modena from Attila the Hun and his advancing troops by hiding the city under a thick blanket of fog. Saint Geminiano has thus remained closely tied to the local folklore and traditions of the city, and is lovingly honored  every year by the Modenese through their unique festival.

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