Castello Chiola


Perched high atop Abruzzese hilltops, Castello Chiola keeps watch over its enchanting kingdom of vineyards and olive groves that lay below. A magnificent example of history preserved, the origin of the castle dates back to around 864 A.D. Imposing and majestic, the castle anchors the quaint medieval town of Loreto Aprutino with its swirling stone streets shaded by its ancient protector.

Refurbished with the cooperation of the Italian Fine Arts Office and the European Community, Castello Chiola is a prestigious accommodation boasting refined interiors that include precious works of art by Abruzzo masters, sophisticated furnishings, luxurious common areas and a stately Neo-Classical ambiance. The castle’s spectacular position allows guests to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding lowlands all the way to the sea and from the westernmost hills to the Gran Sasso mountain range. A moment of blissful relaxation can be achieved within the castle’s sunlit interior courtyard, as guests enjoy specially prepared cocktails from the bar and imagine themselves transported to a time of royal courtiers and intrigue. The courtyard also plays host to a variety of jazz performances, art installations and exhibits throughout the year, further adding to the chic atmosphere of the castle. Castello Chiola’s signature restaurant “Il Celliere” is housed in the castle’s ancient cellar and offers a selection of traditional dishes using the best local ingredients. With incredible views of the Abruzzese terrain and perfumed by Mediterranean breezes, a beautiful terrace pool known as “the balcony of Abruzzo” rounds out every enchanting stay at Castello Chiola.