Grand Hotel Savoia


To walk into the Grand Hotel Savoia is to be surrounded by images of a sepia tinged Genoa characterized by grand voyages, steamer trunks and classic grandeur. Every detail of this five star hotel perfectly captures the essence of the city’s heritage as a mighty maritime republic, from the sumptuous lobby and regal room furnishings to the hotel’s sophisticated reading parlor, Spa, and fine restaurants.

Renovated in 2008, the hotel defines itself with a refined balance between modern and antique, featuring original furnishings and heirlooms that nostalgically pay homage to its Ligurian pedigree, while incorporating modern conveniences such as a fitness center and breathtaking wellness spa to pamper its guests. Highlights of the property include the hotel’s two restaurants, elegant Ristorante Salgari serving sophisticated Italian dishes and fresh seafood, and the charming Trattoria Tralalero, an inviting trattoria serving traditional Ligurian cuisine.

Whether you luxuriate in the hotel’s mediterranean themed spa or enjoy an aperitivo on the hotel’s terrace with its inspiring panoramic view of all of Genoa, including the city’s famous Lanterna and ancient center, you will undoubtedly be enchanted by this historical gem.