Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve

A luxury retreat set upon 70 hectares of vineyards amidst the Arribes del Duero nature park, Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve is the perfect place from which to discover Spain’s Arribes del Duero (DO) wine country. An area known for its natural border between Spain and Portugal, breathtaking landscapes and pristine air quality, the hotel harnesses the virtues of its region to provide guests a remarkable retreat where they can experience nature in unprecedented comfort and rejuvenate amidst beautiful surroundings.

A jewel of the westernmost border of Castilla y Leon, Hacienda Zorita Natural Reserve is located just outside of the medieval town of Fermoselle, known for producing some of Spain’s most coveted olive oils. The hotel offers eight charming guest rooms featuring lovely country interiors reinterpreted with sophisticated minimalism, and outfitted with modern amenities. Guests can explore the expansive grounds of the reserve before enjoying the hotel’s beautiful garden swimming pool, warmly furnished Lodge de Las Viñas and wellness spa. The hotel even features its own Zorita Natural Reserve Production and Bottling cellar, where guests can experience the production process amongst 1,200 oak barrels containing Arribes del Duero (DO) wines, including Zorita Natural Reserve Syrah and Zorita Natural Reserve Tempranillo Merlot. While sampling the estate-produced wines, guests can also enjoy an assortment of locally produced cheeses and olive oils.

A fine dining restaurant on the premises further ensures that guests can truly relax and admire the overwhelming beauty of the reserve while every comfort is kept at hand. With sustainability and preservation at its core, Hotel Zorita Natural Reserve is helping to introduce travelers to this exquisite corner of Castilla y Leon through education, hospitality, and reverence to its surroundings.