Palazzo Castiglioni

Palazzo Castiglioni is a 12th century palazzo located in the heart of Mantua and positioned just in front of the city’s legendary Palazzo Ducale. Once home to the Bonacolsi family who ruled the city from 1272 to 1328 and the oldest existing palace in all of Mantua, it remains the residence of the Castiglioni family who are descendants of Baldesar Castiglione, politician, scholar of the 16th century and author of “Il Cortegiano”. Over 700 years of history sits atop the palazzo’s epic tower that has been transformed into a luxury accommodation combining ancient grandeur with modern luxuries. Guests will enjoy the romantic splendor of this uniquely frescoed suite through its period decor, original tapestries and breathtaking panoramas of all of Mantua and the surrounding lakes and countryside.

A careful renovation has restored the tower to its original opulence, with the topmost floor of its four stories dedicated as a lavish 538 square foot suite featuring antique furnishings, impressive 12th century frescoed walls, a large canopied bed draped with beautiful fabrics and silks, and spacious modern bathroom. An elevator takes you from the massive wooden doors and elegant courtyard of the palace entrance, up through the tower and right into your lavish suite. The tower experience is crowned with a rooftop terrace that offers 360 degree views of Mantua and its greatest monuments. Declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 2008, Mantua is revered for its artistic and historical treasures, excellent food traditions and position set amongst one of the most beautiful country landscapes in all of Italy. With sweeping vistas from your tower suite and its central location putting you just steps away from some of Mantua’s greatest sights, you will undoubtedly experience the city in unprecedented fashion.