Park Hotel ai Cappuccini


Beautifully bringing together a rich Umbrian heritage with a distinguished medieval past, Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is an extraordinary 17th century monastery restored into a four-star luxury accommodation located in the historic city of Gubbio. Providing visitors with a careful balance between isolated tranquility and close proximity to the city center, the hotel is an oasis of countryside calm amidst the bustling activity of a historic town.

From its beginnings in 1631 as a church built under the direction of the Bishop of Gubbio and its legacy as a monastery of Cappuccini friars to its rebirth as a deluxe accommodation of the 1960’s and once again refurbished in the early 1990’s, Park Hotel ai Cappuccini is a unique glimpse into history through the plush setting of a modern luxury accommodation. Guests can immerse themselves in the hallowed history of the hotel within its restored medieval cloisters and enchanting antique spaces, while enjoying the serenity of the hotel’s expansive park flanked by 17th century vegetable gardens originally planted by the Cappuccini friars themselves. The hotel’s communal spaces are a sumptuous treat for the mind and spirit with original fireplaces, 17th century frescoes, Renaissance and modern works of art by renowned Italian artists, and opulent tapestries, all contributing to the warm and welcoming ambiance of the hotel.

The hotel’s majestic quality is only matched by the impressive number of amenities that it offers guests. The Ai Cappuccini restaurant is a gastronome’s paradise where traditional, seasonal Umbrian cuisine is prepared using only local produce and ingredients, and served in a charming environment of rustic wood-beamed ceilings and oak paneling. The hotel’s Monasticum, or Convent Pharmacy, is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience the ancient tradition of cultivating herbs and plants for medicinal purposes within a monastic setting.