Sogno Di Giulietta


Situated in perhaps the most romantic spot in the world, Il Sogno di Giulietta is a five-star luxury hotel located just opposite of what is believed to be Juliet’s famous balcony, so epically immortalized by Shakespeare. Sharing the same courtyard as Juliet’s noble residence, Sogno di Giulietta is more than just a luxury accommodation, it is a historic house carefully restored to capture the romantic allure of medieval Verona, while offering guests a sophisticated Relais in the very heart of the city.

With unparalleled access to Juliet’s courtyard, one of Verona’s most beloved sights, Sogno di Giulietta’s unique position also places guests within the historic core of the city and in close proximity to such important cultural and historical sights as the Arena di Verona, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. A superb location from which to discover Verona’s many artistic treasures, in the evenings the gates of the hotel’s courtyard are closed to the public, ensuring optimal privacy for guests and thus creating a tranquil refuge tucked away from the bustling heart of the city.

Each of the hotel’s 16 luxurious rooms enjoys exceptional views of either Juliet’s balcony or the fashionable Via Capello. All guestrooms are elegantly decorated to feature rare period furnishings, opulent rugs, rich fabrics and window coverings, and unique art pieces and antiquities. All rooms are technologically integrated with touch screen controls for such amenities as air conditioning, heating and lighting, as well as Internet connectivity that can be accessed through both the LCD televisions and Wifi service.