Su Gologone


Where a crystalline coastline meets the dramatic mountainscapes of Sardinia’s Barbagia region, Su Gologone is a sanctuary of tranquility nestled along the stunning Supramonte. A landscape characterized by ancient olive groves scented with myrtle, and vineyards interwoven by wild rosemary, breathtaking natural beauty serves as the intriguing backdrop for this luxury boutique property.

Su Gologone celebrates the essence of Sardinian culture by offering its guests a beautiful window into the very soul of the island. A stylish stay where exceptional details like textiles embroidered by hand and wooden furnishings crafted by artisans, reflect the rich folkloric traditions of the culture with sophistication. Vibrant bougainvillea and soft hydrangea warmly welcome visitors into a chic retreat of relaxation, while guestrooms are thoughtfully decorated to capture the spirit of regional design and evoke a peaceful sensibility. Unique designer treasures and one of a kind art pieces created by local artists further punctuate the brilliance of every room and all common spaces.

One seamless thread, the property beautifully blends the outdoor with the indoor. Aromatic herb and vegetable gardens provide a bounty of flavors for the kitchen, as two relaxation terraces and the Bar del Tablao provide guests panoramic vistas to admire, while the outdoor pool, filled with local spring water, is perfect for a refreshing repose. An epicurean dream, the preservation of regional food traditions is a cornerstone of the Su Gologone gourmet experience. The hotel offers its guests a cornucopia of seasonally grown produce and the gastronomic riches of the region with a gourmet restaurant serving authentic Sardinian cuisine, as the wine bar and cellar allow guests to experience the heritage of Sardinian wine making and the island’s signature cured meats and cheeses.