At CountryBred, we believe authentic is premium.

Premium travel means immersing yourself in a cultural landscape to experience something uniquely rich and satisfying. An experiential journey that is rooted in the distinct and tastefully shaped by the exquisite details of a premium travel experience. Our handcrafted Encounters are custom, private trips meticulously designed to include the finest ingredients, from deluxe accommodations with character, regionally authentic dining and captivating locales, to knowledgeable local experts and engaging activities, all with the goal of delivering the most rewarding and enriched travel experience possible. We’ve created the perfect method for doing just that.

Encounter-Something-Unexpected-CountryBred-MethodEncounter Something Unexpected

We believe that Europe is best appreciated one region at a time, slowly and thoughtfully. All CountryBred Encounters are crafted to capture the individual beauty and merits of regional Europe, leading our travelers down roads less traveled and always leaving time to enjoy the quiet moments that make for remarkable memories. We don’t believe in whisking you around on a non-stop dash to places where hordes of tourists block your view and all you’re left with are a few bad pictures and a case of vertigo. Instead, we encourage our travelers to move away from the expected to encounter something unexpected.


Accommodations-With-Heart-CountryBred-MethodAccommodations with Heart

A hotel is as much a part of your travel experience as the food you eat or the places you visit. While on the go, your hotel is a home away from home…only better. Our premium accommodations are distinct reflections of the regions they reside in, with real histories and real people behind them.

Each accommodation has been carefully selected to bring you the best in what a region has to offer. That by the way, means that we’ve shared a meal and more than a few laughs with our hoteliers while staying at every accommodation we include in our Encounters. From luxury boutique hotels to historic villas and charming estates, our exquisite hotels are your front door to the lifestyle and personalities of the communities you explore. 

Quality-You-Can-Savor-CountryBred-MethodQuality You Can Savor

To say that we’ve packed on a few pounds researching the best in regional cuisine would be an understatement. But it’s all worth it if our travelers are happy and well fed. We began our research by asking locals where they liked to eat most. This you can imagine started more than one heated debate over where to find the best Pici in Siena or the ultimate Olive Ascolane in Ascoli Piceno.

Our unsurpassed knowledge of local gastronomic traditions matched by our personal relationships with under the radar restaurants and renowned houses of haute cuisine alike, means that you can look forward to eating deliciously local during your Encounter. From the casual to the formal and everything in between, our taste buds stop at no length to ensure that our travelers enjoy the very best in regional culinary traditions. And nowhere in sight will there ever be the dreaded presence of a tourist menu. Ever.

Let-Culture-Be-Your-Guide-CountryBred-MethodLet Culture Be Your Guide

Fear not, you will never see a megaphone or microphone in any of the hands of our capable Regional Ambassadors. We refer to our guides as ambassadors because they mean more than just a day of information. They are truly passionate about their home and have unparalleled regional knowledge that they are enthusiastically eager to share. Our ambassadors go beyond educating, to actually invite you into their community and introduce you to their unique corner of the world.

Don’t be surprised if you stop off at a tiny bakery buzzing with only locals to happily sample a city’s signature confection, or have a period in history interpreted through the nuances of a forgotten fresco locked away in a Renaissance palazzo. Our ambassadors and cultural experts bring to life the heart of a culture in ways only a local can.  

The-Center-of-Our-Attention-CountryBred-MethodYou’re The Center of Our Attention

Every CountryBred Encounter is a personalized experience, whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, group of friends, family or an organization, offered at a relaxed pace and focused on unique elements that speak to your travel needs. No more jockeying for the best seat on the bus or following a one size fits all schedule. Getting from one destination to the next is comfortable and easy with our dedicated chauffeured transportation.

Our private, luxury transportation team is comprised of professional chauffeurs knowledgeable about their respective regions. No longer will your itinerary be dictated by unpredictable transit schedules, instead, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you as your chauffeur navigates the landscape with ease. Your itinerary will be meaningfully brought to life as our private drivers make it possible to access out of the way villages, hidden hilltop towns and delightful local’s only districts, otherwise unreachable by conventional means of transport.

Enrichment-Is-The-Key-CountryBred-MethodEnrichment Is The Key

Enrichment is the key ingredient when we craft your custom CountryBred Encounter. Good for the mind, good for the soul, think of our Enriched Booking process as a way to nourish your next adventure with the best ingredients.

When you travel with us, you select your own travel dates, trip length and travel party size, with the flexibility to enjoy as much guided time with our regional ambassadors as you’d like. While designing your itinerary we transform your travel passions into a bespoke journey artfully crafted just for you. If you’re not sure where to get started,  we can recommend an itinerary with cities and regions that best suit your interests, or we can also add and combine elements from across the CountryBred collection of trip inspirations to create an experience that is uniquely yours. Maybe you like one of our sample itineraries exactly as is? Just let us know and we’ll tailor it to your desired travel dates and length of stay. Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, by the end of our Enriched Booking process, we’ll have you practically speaking the language. 

Tailored-To-Your-Exact-Size-CountryBred-MethodTailored To Your Exact Size

When you travel with CountryBred, it is our commitment to provide a holistic travel experience where your time is spent savoring the subtle moments instead of worrying about the details. Your trip will be designed exclusively for you and your chosen few, reflecting your personal tastes, interests and your ideal pace.

Are you a solo traveler who enjoys Spanish cheeses and group cooking classes? Maybe you’re a couple interested in an afternoon boat ride along the Venetian islands? Or perhaps, you and a group of your most creative friends would enjoy a private painting lesson on Lake Como? Let us design your next private getaway to perfection, whether you’re a party of one or ten.