The Client Experience

The experience of traveling with CountryBred is best shared through the words and pictures of our travelers. Below are selected experiences from our most recent travelers.

The experience of traveling with CountryBred is best shared through the words and pictures of our travelers. Below are selected experiences from our most recent travelers.

  • Frances & Thomas K.

    Gourmet Switzerland: Lavaux to Luzern
    We can't say enough about our trip at every level. The first class accommodations; the wonderful food and wine experiences; the regional ambassadors; and most importantly, the intricate trip details that were so well planned and executed throughout our stay.
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  • Jessica & Len G.

    Southern Italy From Amalfi to Puglia
    This is our second trip we have taken with CountryBred and the attention to detail and the caring on every level is quite extraordinary. We love the company and the quality of everything they touch: the hotels, the level and selection of restaurants, the guides and drivers. We rate everything as "exceptional" because truly it is!
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  • Marley S.

    Madrid, Toledo & Castilian Wine Country
    The best word to describe our trip planned by CountryBred is seamless. Everything was perfect! My husband and I are both glad we had a mostly hands-off approach to the planning and let CountryBred do it for us. They chose experiences we never would have thought of.
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  • Gay B.

    Alentejo to Lisbon
    Above and beyond our expectations for an amazing well organized adventure for 26!!
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  • Mark W.

    From Castilla to Basque Country
    Our third CountryBred travel experience guided us through the rich cultural history, food, wine & unique culture throughout central/northern Spain. Our selected experiences coupled with the region/city ambassadors throughout our trip were exceptional and made our experience GREAT! (hotels too!)
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  • Barbara R.

    Getaway to Tuscany and Northern Italy
    CountryBred thought of every detail for our trip. We didn't have to think about or worry about anything because they had it all covered by professionals every step of the way. From the chauffeurs, to the private boats, to the ambassadors who were extremely knowledgeable and spoke good English, to the amazing hotels, to the selection of restaurants and wines...WOW!
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  • Emily L.

    Southern France Gourmet Grand Tour
    CountryBred went above and beyond. From the moment we stepped out of the plane and met our driver, we knew we were in for a treat. Every single detail was accounted for and taken care of, leaving my husband and I to just sit back and relax.
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  • Steph R.

    Family Reunion to the Amalfi Coast & Rome
    "My family of 9 decided to travel to Italy to have a family reunion and celebrate a few milestone birthdays. CountryBred created an amazing experience the moment we touched ground in Italy."
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  • Paul B.

    Gourmet Emilia-Romagna and Veneto
    The trip overall was amazing and the logistics were executed flawlessly which allowed for a level of relaxation and unpretentious luxury that resulted in a truly memorable vacation.
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  • Brian M. & Janice L.

    Culinary Gems of France and Catalonia
    Well planned and very fun agenda scheduled by CountryBred. The local drivers and guides were very knowledgeable, excellent, punctual, fun to be with and gave us an understanding of the places that we visited far above what we would have learned on our own.
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  • Dana A.

    Liguria Coastal Journey
    A fantastic experience! We felt well-taken care of the entire time. Our meals were delicious. Our guide navigated us through tourist areas with skill that allowed us to see the beauty and history of Italy
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  • Jerry & Claudia D.

    Treasures of Switzerland
    Our second CountryBred travel experience proved to be just as rewarding as the first-- our journey through the splendors of Switzerland unfolded with the exquisite precision of... well, of a Swiss watch.
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  • Dr. Nini W. and Dr. Ira Z.

    Paris, Champagne and Provence
    This was our fourth trip with CountryBred but our first travel experience in France. We are never disappointed. We spent time in Paris and the Champagne region and mostly in Provence.
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  • Denise and John D.

    Andalucia Grand Tour
    We were thrilled with our experience in Seville, Granada and Cordoba Spain. It could not have been better. The Hotel, Food, Driver and our Local Guides were all first class.
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  • Steve & Kristine L.

    Splendors of Southern France
    We have traveled with CountryBred three years in row. Each experience has been well thought out and has exceeded our expectations.
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  • Kevin C.

    Grand Getaway to the Amalfi Coast & Sicily
    CountryBred delivered an experience that was above our expectations. Hotels, Meals, Transportation, Tour Guides etc. were best in class.
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  • Warren & Judith F.

    Lausanne, Basque Country & Lake Como
    "CountryBred was recommended to us by friends who had a good experience earlier this year. Our Encounter included Lausanne in Switzerland, Italy’s Lake Como area, as well as Bilbao and Spain’s Basque country. The hotels were great, the restaurants were all excellent and our local experts/ambassadors and all the private chauffeurs were top notch"
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  • Kristie H.

    Gourmet Getaway to Tuscany & Rome
    "The trip to Italy was a college graduation gift to my granddaughter. CountryBred did an amazing job of organizing everything! From the moment we were met at the airport in Rome"
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  • Charles & Deborah A.

    Spanish Grand Tour
    "CountryBred designed a tour of Northern Spain for us (Madrid-San Sebastián-Barcelona and points in between) together with 2 friends who were thrilled with their prior CountryBred tour to Puglia, Italy.
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  • Nini W.

    Northern Italian Alpine Sojourn
    "The experience is deep and intimate while feeling well taken care of in this special family trip. I would not work with anyone besides CountryBred."
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  • Sharon A.

    Cinque Terre, Lake Como & Tuscany
    "Our sincerest appreciation and thanks to the CountryBred team for making our trip to Italy so special - it's a memory we will have with our parents that will never be forgotten."
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  • Carolyn W.

    Milan & North Italy's Art Cities
    "We experienced a little trepidation when signing up for a Country Bred travel itinerary through Italy’s Lake District, having learned of them through the Internet. We’re so glad we did—their guides, drivers, hotels, restaurants, activities were outstanding. "
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  • Patricia S.

    Getaway to Lombardia & Veneto
    "I loved all the personalized, attention to the utmost perfection from CountryBred. Our group of four would love to use their services again for future travel."
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  • Toni E.

    Sojourn to Tuscany, Cinque Terre & Venice
    It was the trip of a lifetime for our family and CountryBred took care of every detail! Our personal regional ambassadors in each city were incredibly knowledgable
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  • Jeremy & Claudia D.

    Italian Lake Treasures
    "On the way to our CountryBred tour in Italy we stopped for a few days in London, where we saw a very funny show called “The Play That Goes Wrong.” If one were to bestow a title to our subsequent visit to the Italian Lake Country, it would have to be “The Trip That Went Totally Right”.
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  • Mark & Shawn W.

    Wine Treasures of Northern Italy
    "We just returned from our second "customized" CountryBred Encounter touring northern Italy regions (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto) in May 2016. In our 2 week trip, the 4 couples experienced incredible Wine & Food traditions."
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  • Kim & Donald G.

    Sojourn to Southern Italy
    We had an exceptional trip thanks to CountryBred. Every detail was planned to perfection from the restaurants, excursions and hotels. We are already talking about our next vacation with CountryBred.
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  • Jodie & Bruce M.

    Culinary Getaway to Rome & Cortona
    "This trip was beyond all expectations. The CountryBred team was able to create a life-long memory in their selections of locations and experiences as this was our first trip to Italy. "
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  • Steve & Sherri F.

    Catalonia Exploration
    "My wife Sheri and I have traveled with many tour companies. CountryBred offers an experience second to none."
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  • Lorena M.

    Tuscan Vineyards to Ligurian Coast
    This trip was absolutely astonishing and was above what we expected, but yet nothing less knowing the caliber of ownership of CountryBred!
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  • Mark & Bernadette H.

    Piemonte & The Italian Heartland
    "The design and content of our CountryBred trip enhanced our appreciation of the people in the regions, their history and their culture"
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  • Phyllis L.

    Operatic Grand Tour of Italy
    "We just returned from a flawlessly planned custom Overtures of Operatic Italy tour for grandmother and teenage granddaughter. And, everything was as planned and exceptional."
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  • Steve & Kristine L.

    Culinary Delights of Tuscany & Umbria
    "My wife & I chose to work with CountryBred for the second year in a row for our trip to Cinque Terre, Tuscany & Umbria."
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  • Terri K.

    Cuisines of Piemonte & Emilia-Romagna
    “We visited southern Piemonte and Emilia Romagna regions on a specially designed culinary tour for 12 of our customers. It was an amazing tour and exceeded our expectations. We plan on utilizing CountryBred next year for our custom culinary tour.
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  • Robert & Leslie G.

    Cultural & Culinary Gems of Liguria & Northern Tuscany
    “CountryBred delivered a fun, active, educational, organized and delightful adventure. They were eager to help, their drivers and guides were top notch, the restaurants were great and the hotels even better.”
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  • Leslie L.

    Lake Maggiore & Its Borromean Islands
    “First I want to thank CountryBred for making this vacation one that I will never forget, it had been my dream for some time to visit Lake Maggiore"
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  • Janet M.

    Cultural & Culinary Escape to Tuscany and Liguria
    "It is with pleasure, that I write about the 12 day tour of Toscana and Liguria that CountryBred handcrafted for our family. On very short notice of about 9 weeks, and with little to go on"
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  • Edgar & Nancy W.

    Italy's Lake Districts to Venice
    “I found Countrybred online and at first was hesitant to use them since I was not familiar with the company. I was concerned since this would be a 50th wedding anniversary trip for me"
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  • Dr. Ira Z.

    Splendors of Central Spain
    “This was our second travel experience planned with CountryBred, first in Italy and now most recently in Spain."
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  • Helen & George S.

    Splendors of Central & Southern Italy
    “A magnificent trip, so well organized and personalized to our wants and needs. It was one of the best we have ever taken."
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  • Gianelle V.

    Getaway to the Costiera Amalfitana
    CountyBred curated the best vacation we've ever had! We will never forget the private activities, excursions, and culinary experiences we had in the Amalfi Coast.
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  • Bob B.

    Culinary & Cultural Gems of Catalonia & Italy
    Our visit to Costa Brava and Lake Como was truly memorable.
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  • Debbie R.

    Italy's Lakes, Dolomites & Adriatic Coast
    Country Bred met and exceeded our expectations. They were a pleasure to work with throughout the planning stage and made sure our trip was exactly what we wanted it to be.
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  • Jessica & Leonard G.

    Traditions of Northern & Central Italy
    “Traveling with CountryBred and the customized trip they designed for us was a great experience. They say that planning a vacation is half the fun…and in this case, it most certainly was."
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  • Matthew H

    Splendors of the Costiera Amalfitana
    “Our trip to the Amalfi Coast was like something out of a dream for us. CountryBred asked us several questions about what types of activities we enjoy, and the pace of the trip we preferred."
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  • Frances K

    Splendors of Sardinia
    Our journey to Sardinia with CountryBred was exceptional in every way.
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  • Steve L.

    Culinary Gems of Piedmont & Emilia-Romagna
    “My wife & I spent a great deal of time vetting travel specialists for our special trip celebrating our 20th anniversary."
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