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This online media kit provides helpful company information and resources about CountryBred that may be used for editorial and publishing purposes. If you have any questions regarding information contained in this media kit, please contact us at

This online media kit provides helpful company information and resources about CountryBred that may be used for editorial and publishing purposes. If you have any questions regarding information contained in this media kit, please contact us at

Company Mailing Address:

CountryBred, 206 W. Bonita Avenue, Second Floor, Claremont, CA 91711

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Toll-Free: 1-800-615-3543 or Direct: (213) 291-9890

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The CountryBred Experience

Company Snapshot

Brand Name

CountryBred® or CountryBred LLC

Incorrect Usage:
CountryBread, Country Bread, Country Bred, Countrybred


Authentic is Premium®
Let Culture Be Your Guide®

Year Founded



Claremont, CA

Company Description

CountryBred is a premier experiential travel company that crafts culturally rich, private tours to Europe. Our Encounters are engaging explorations of local culture that immerse travelers in regional traditions such as gastronomy, wine, art, design, history, music and literature. Each trip is privately chauffeured and uniquely designed around our travelers’ personal interests.

Company Overview

  • Offers private, custom tours throughout the Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, Île-de-France and Grand Est regions of France.
  • Offers private, custom tours throughout the Abruzzo, Basilicata, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Le Marche, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardinia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto regions of Italy.
  • Offers private, custom tours throughout the Balearic Islands, Basque Country, Catalonia, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja, Madrid, Navarra and Valencia autonomous communities of Spain.
  • Offers private, custom tours throughout the Alentejo, Northern Portugal, Porto, Lisbon and Tagus Valley of Portugal .
  • Offers private custom tours throughout Bern, Graubunden, Luzern, Neuchatel, Ticino, Valais, Vaud and Zurich cantons of Switzerland.
  • Global family of 100+ regional guides, cultural experts, and private chauffeurs.
  • Portfolio of 150+ hand-selected, luxury boutique hotels, historic villas and charming estates.
  • Direct partnerships with 150+ wineries, restaurants, artisan workshops, art galleries, and culinary institutes.
  • In addition to custom tours, CountryBred also provides specialty services in affinity group travel, signature honeymoons, celebration travel, family reunion and heritage travel, corporate incentive travel, and university alumni travel.

Bred to be Different

Our Company

CountryBred is a premier experiential travel company that delivers culturally rich, private journeys to remarkable Europe. Each premium touring experience is uniquely original and custom crafted to be a distinct regional exploration incorporating robust cultural elements, such as gastronomy, wine, art, design, history, and artisan traditions.

Our Mission

CountryBred inspires travelers to embrace culture in a fresh, dynamic and personal way. Our mission is to provide our clients with distinctly original travel experiences, where time is spent cultivating a rich understanding of the regional culture, cuisines and ways of life that our travelers explore. CountryBred Encounters are designed to be profoundly original, deeply rewarding and tailored to the motivations of our clients.

Our Vision

CountryBred protects the cultural integrity of every country and region it represents by fostering a global lifestyle rooted in the unity and awareness of experiential travel.

Our Commitment to Local Sustainability

CountryBred is committed to encouraging the sustainability of local communities through our support of small businesses, families and organizations that contribute to the preservation of their regional heritage. Our cultural travel experiences celebrate the artisanal food producers, family-owned wineries, local craftspeople, artists and boutique hoteliers that truly define their communities.

Our Story

The year was 2007 and what began as a leisurely getaway to visit family in Italy, quickly transformed into something unexpected. Perhaps it was a quiet moment enjoying homemade pizzoccheri with an uncle while watching the sun set across Lake Como, or maybe it was a moonlit evening telling old family stories over sautéed clams at a tavern in Amalfi. It was in these subtle moments that Marco and Dejou Marano came to understand that the intimate and familial experiences that they had always encountered during their travels, could perhaps be a refreshing alternative for those seeking a more personal journey built upon authentic connections.

Upon their return to Los Angeles, the couple shared their frustration of mass produced travel kitsch, impersonal vacation packages, big bus tours, and cardboard cut-out images of Europe, which continued to be the only options available to their friends and colleagues. Compelled by what the couple saw as a void, Marco and Dejou set-off to create and define a fresh new take on travel in a deeply experiential way. Leaving their Fortune 500 management positions in the Finance and Entertainment industries to follow their hearts, the ambitious couple embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Numerous research trips spent cultivating close relationships with cultural insiders, and months of traveling to uncover the soul of Europe with unwavering curiosity, resulted in Marco and Dejou building a community of passionate cultural ambassadors eager to provide travelers an engaging, personal touring experience.

By 2009 CountryBred was born and its vision achieved through its family of boutique hoteliers, regional ambassadors, local food and wine experts, restaurateurs, artisans, and dedicated transportation team. Today, Marco and Dejou split their time between Los Angeles and their family homes in Italy and Spain, in a never-ending pursuit to uncover Europe’s most enchanting cultural gems.

Co-Founder Profiles

Marco Marano

Practically born on a flight from Rome to Los Angeles, Marco has been an adventurer since birth. Fond memories of his family summers led Marco to study in Southern Italy during his high school years and to attend Università Bocconi in Milan during his time in college. Upon graduation from New York University’s Stern School of Business, Marco went on to work for three Fortune 500 companies at the management level working between New York and Los Angeles, before earning his Executive M.B.A. from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Marco holds a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) designation, awarded by the Society of Wine Educators, and is a proud member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

A never ending love for travel, culture, cuisine and wine, led Marco to leave the corporate sector in search of his dream: to bring his authentic understanding of Europe to like-minded travelers. As co-founder of CountryBred, Marco spends his time uncovering the best of hidden Europe and bringing that knowledge to travelers everywhere while continuing to develop a CountryBred community of passionate cultural ambassadors.

Dejou Marano

Born and bred to be a global citizen, Dejou’s lifelong passion for travel started at a young age and was magnified by the multicultural landscape of Los Angeles, California. From her early days experiencing Europe as an adventure-seeking teenager, Dejou cultivated a love for European communities and local traditions on a deeply personal level.

After graduating with a B.A from Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television, Dejou developed and managed the Film division for a Fortune 500 company before earning a Master of Communication Management degree from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication. Putting her entrepreneurial spirit to work, Dejou sought to merge her passion for travel with her expertise in communication in co-founding CountryBred. Dejou is CountryBred’s creative visionary, bringing the imagination and wonder of Europe to all travelers.

Dejou holds a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) designation, awarded by the Society of Wine Educators, and is a proud member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.


  • 2009
    • CountryBred founded as a custom travel company offering an innovative approach to private travel and rooted in the founders’ conviction to deliver the ultimate personalized touring experience.
    • Leveraging the founders’ intimate travel knowledge and personal contacts in Italy, the company cultivates a family of passionate local guides, chauffeurs, hoteliers, restaurateurs, painters, artisans, winemakers and cultural experts, all committed to providing travelers the richest and most authentic cultural experience possible.
    • Delivering cultural exploration within the framework of a privately chauffeured, deluxe tourism experience, CountryBred completes the development of its first custom tour offerings, CountryBred Encounters, a uniquely original, private travel product offering travelers the flexibility to choose their own departure dates, tour duration and private group size.
  • 2010
    • launches with the initiative to promote and educate potential travelers about the distinct regional cultures of Italy, while providing custom trips to unconventional locales.
    • Initial CountryBred custom tour offerings feature the Piedmont, Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Le Marche and Lazio regions of Italy.
  • 2011
    • Introduction of specialty, interest based trips designed around gastronomy, wine, opera, art history, literature, design and archaeology.
    • Expansion of custom tours to Abruzzo, Liguria, Tuscany and Veneto regions of Italy.
    • CountryBred and a delegation of its travelers honored by regional tourism council of Le Marche for helping to promote tourism and American travel to the region.
    • Proprietary hotel portfolio expands to 40, four and five-star boutique hotels, villas and historical residences throughout Italy.
  • 2012
    • Expansion of European footprint to Spain with custom offerings in Madrid, La Rioja, Basque Country, Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha and Navarra, Spain.
    • Luxury hotel portfolio doubles to 80 accommodations throughout Italy and Spain.
    • Expansion of custom tours to Umbria, Italy.
    • Introduction of seasonal and holiday custom trips.
  • 2013
    • Expansion of custom tours to Campania and Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy.
    • Expansion of custom tours to Catalonia, Spain.
    • Expansion of European footprint to Switzerland with custom tour offerings to Bern, Lucerne, Zurich, Graubunden and Ticino.
    • Launching of custom offerings centered on annual cultural events and unique festivals in both Italy and Spain.
  • 2014
    • Expansion of custom tours to Basilicata and Puglia, Italy.
    • Expansion of custom tours to Valencia, Spain.
    • Expansion of Switzerland custom tour offerings to Lake Geneva, Vaud, Lake Neuchatel, Valais, and Fribourg.
    • Luxury hotel portfolio expands to 100+ accommodations throughout Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
  • 2015
    • Launch of new CountryBred 3.0 website
    • Expansion of European footprint to France with custom tour offerings to Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur.
    • Expansion of custom tours to the Balearic Islands, Spain.
    • Introduction of "Festivals" Collection - specialty, custom tour offerings centered on seasonal cultural events and unique festivals in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.
    • Luxury hotel portfolio expands to 150+ accommodations throughout Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France.
  • 2016
    • Expansion of Italy custom tour offerings to Sicily.
    • Expansion of Spain custom tour offerings to Andalucia.
    • Expansion of custom tours to Paris & Champagne.
  • 2017
    • Expansion of European footprint to Portugal with custom tour offerings to Douro Valley, Porto, Lisbon, Tagus Valley and the Alentejo.
  • 2018

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Editorial Policies

Excerpts from CountryBred’s official Bred Blog may be used, provided that prior written permission is obtained from CountryBred, and full and clear credit is given to CountryBred with specific direction to the original content.

Interviews & Story Contributions

Co-Founders Marco & Dejou Marano are available to be interviewed regarding CountryBred, its unique travel offerings, and to contribute as subject matter experts on a variety of travel related topics, such as: the Italian, Spanish, French and Swiss travel industries, culinary tourism, wine tourism, experiential travel, cultural sustainability in tourism, regional cultural highlights of Europe, and local travel ideas.


CountryBred has a robust library of original, proprietary photographs, which can be made available for media coverage when including or promoting CountryBred. Please contact us at to request permission and usage guidelines for our photos.