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Postcard from Zurich

Where the shimmering current of the Limmat River meets tranquil Lake Zurich, boats and swans rest gently upon a glassy reflection of the Swiss Alps, as blue and white trams glide among the Baroque architecture decorating its banks. More commonly known as the fast-moving financial center of Europe, Zurich hides a uniquely alluring blend of […]

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The Mythical Islands of Sicily

Abounding in beauty and natural mysteries, Sicily and its islands have through the ages been a center of ancient intrigue. Most famously mythologized by the ancient Greeks, the islands proved to be wellsprings of the unexplainable, a landscape comprised of curiosities too majestic and grand not to spark the imagination. In the Sicily of today […]

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Valentine Poems, Italian Style

You’ve bought the gift, made the reservations and unsuccessfully spent hours searching for the perfect Valentine’s sentiment via the drugstore greeting card aisle. But why not try something a smidge different this year?  When “roses are red, violets are blue” just won’t do, you need to look to the experts for something undeniably swoon worthy. […]

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