A Collection of Inspirations To Make Your Own

The experience of travel does not have a beginning or an end. It is a sensory collection of insights gathered from a lifetime of discovery. Every journey is a chance to uncover something unexpected about the cultures you encounter and about yourself. Hear the rhythmic churning of bicycle wheels echoing through Ferrara’s cobblestone streets. Taste the warmth of Le Marche within golden folds of pasta lovingly handmade for generations. Feel a cool mist at your back as you wander through an ancient Ligurian port. The CountryBred traveler engages in the world around them, one subtle moment at a time.

Our collection of Encounters awaken your inner traveler, immerse you in rich regional culture and capture the nuances that make for unforgettable experiences. From navigating the back roads of a mountaintop village to dining with locals for the inside scoop, we’ve unearthed the best cultural treasures a region has to offer. So reach beyond the guidebook, allow inspiration to take over and let us craft an experience that is utterly authentic and distinctly yours.