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Its jagged coastline plunges into a capricious cauldron of swirling azure. Where sand and rock and sea spray cease, mountains of misty emerald forests slope gracefully into creamy pastures below. Gradations of green melt into shades of saffron and ochre as cool breezes and warm sunlight coddle vast plateaus of vineyards. The Basque Country (Euskadi in Basque) is an autonomous community situated within the border of northern Spain, with a people that proudly retain their own distinct culture and language, magnificently navigating between two identities: that of their ethnic homeland and of their nation.

Like the delicious complexities of a stellar Txakoli vintage or an artfully constructed pintxo, the Basque Country of northern Spain is best savored note by note, allowing time for each flavor to reveal itself slowly and luxuriously.

Our Basque Country Sample Encounters

Your CountryBred Encounter will be a personalized expression of your unique cultural interests, preferred schedule and ideal travel style, artfully crafted into an experiential private journey. Our sample trip itineraries just may be the inspired start to your next bespoke getaway.

Basque Country's Culinary Capitals: Bilbao & San Sebastian

Basque Country’s Culinary Capitals: Bilbao & San Sebastian

This haute Basque cuisine touring experience will take you to Bilbao and San Sebastian’s Michelin starred eateries, the wine country Read More »

Basque Country to Pamplona

Basque Country to Pamplona

Meander through Basque Country’s coastal hamlets before discovering Pamplona’s historic city streets in this Northern Spanish adventure. Your journey will Read More »

Spain’s Classic Wine Country: Ribera Del Duero, Rueda & Rioja

Spain’s Classic Wine Country: Ribera Del Duero, Rueda & Rioja

Experience Spain’s most prestigious wine regions and culinary cities on this viticultural journey through Madrid, Salamanca, Ribera Del Duero, Rueda Read More »

Northern Spain Culinary Route

Northern Spain Culinary Route

The flavors of Northern Spain come to life in this gastronomical voyage through Basque Country and La Rioja. Relish San Read More »

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