La Pasquetta...The Celebration Continues

La Pasquetta fare. Photo courtesy of

La Pasquetta…The Celebration Continues

The Easter feast is over. The guests have gone home, bellies are full, and the pangs of over-eating have been decisively quelled with effervescent swigs of Brioschi. But as the memory of a day spent reveling in food, friends and family begins to fade with the setting sun, most find tranquility in the idea that they have survived the marathon of food that was, but is no longer. Unless of course you happen to be in Italy, where La Pasquetta (little Easter) is the beloved encore to the extraordinary culinary performance that was Pasqua.

A family celebrating La Pasquetta. Photo courtesy of La Stampa,

Pasquetta Picnic. Photo courtesy of La Stampa,

La Pasquetta is a springtime tradition turned national Italian holiday that takes place the Monday following Easter Sunday. In an attempt to prolong the joyful spirit of the season and celebrate one more day off from work, La Pasquetta signals a time to enthusiastically rejoice in the sunshine and fresh breezes of spring. Traditionally, the holiday involves families enjoying the outdoors with a picnic or outdoor luncheon, where leftovers from Sunday’s feast are usually packed away and brought out to be savored by all, giving the cooks in the family some much needed rest and relaxation. The Pasquetta luncheon is typically comprised of hard boiled eggs, various salumi and cheeses, torta di pasta (baked pasta), pizza piena, and other treats from the previous day. While dining al fresco is the customary way to spend the holiday, in more recent times, an increasing number of families are preferring to dine out at a favorite restaurant or enjoy the entirety of the long weekend with a mini-vacation to the beach or lake.

This spring, why not incorporate La Pasquetta as part of your holiday celebrations? While not everyone is able to take time off from work, even leftovers enjoyed as Monday lunch at the office or workplace is perhaps a good start.

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  1. Then, there was Pasquetta (Easter Monday), a national holiday in Italy, when we headed for the fields to picnic and celebrate the arrival of spring. The family, together with friends and relatives, feasted on frittata (egg omelet) made with wild asparagus foraged by my father, young fava beans from the garden, fiadone and red wine. How can I forget the laughter swinging from a tree?


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