Hacienda Zorita


The culmination of an illustrious history, fine winemaking tradition, and breathtaking views of the Duero Valley, Hacienda Zorita is a wine country gem set at the beautiful banks of the Rio Tormes. Located just outside the cultural capital of Salamanca, Hacienda Zorita began its noted history as a 12th century estate turned Dominican monastery in the 1300’s. Long a retreat for Salamanca’s university intelligentsia, the estate was also known for being visited by Christopher Columbus en route to embarking on his voyage to the New World. Today the estate has been converted into a five-star luxury accommodation where history, wine, gastronomy and natural beauty come together exquisitely in the warmth of a traditional hacienda setting.

An impressive property where the utmost care was taken to refurbish the estate’s original structures, such as a mill, chapel, bodega and main house, the hotel now lavishes guests in a classic ambiance paired masterfully with elegant, modern interiors and spectacular natural surroundings. The hotel offers 30 plush guest rooms, a vinotherapy wellness spa housed in its historic Aceña mill, and a sprawling landscape that includes a delightful river walk and stunning views of the surrounding vineyards.

Perhaps the hotel’s most crowning achievement is its dedication to the distinct gastronomical heritage and viticulture of the region. The Hacienda Zorita cellar features a vaulted ceiling designed to resemble the hull of an upturned ship in homage to Christopher Columbus, beneath which, 1,450 oak barrels age Hacienda Zorita Crianza wine.