La Mirande


Located in the historic city of Avignon, the former seat of the papacy during the 14th century, La Mirande is a sumptuous setting from which to explore the rich history of the region. A luxurious, five-star property, the hotel is situated right around the corner from the Papal Palace, allowing guests just a short walk from one of the most historically significant landmarks in the city. The classical limestone facade of the property makes it easy to imagine how the city looked during some of its most important events. With an alluring beauty rooted in antiquity, La Mirande holds true to the historic atmosphere of Avignon.

A boutique property steeped in tradition, guests can experience the elegance of staying within an 18th century noble residence, without sacrificing any of the conveniences found in a modern-style hotel. The rooms of La Mirande showcase a subtle blend of refined beauty and modern luxury, from terracotta floor tiles, silk curtains, and grand antique furnishings, to Wifi, air-conditioning and televisions that inconspicuously transform into mirrors. Complete with romantic views of the Papal Palace, a furnished garden patio, and a series of sophisticated salons for moments of quiet, guests will find themselves enjoying the pinnacle of relaxation for the entirety of their stay.

A truly gourmand experience, La Mirande offers an elegant gourmet restaurant for fine dining, while every Tuesday and Wednesday evening guests have the opportunity to sit at the Guest Table located within the property’s former 19th century kitchen. During this special dinner, guests can delight in a meal prepared before them by Chef Séverine Sagnet, where authentic local ingredients and convivial stories are at the center of the feast. A unique culinary space, guests feel as though they are enjoying a cozy meal within the warmth of a family-style kitchen.