Five Things We Love About Rome

Piazza Navona

Five Things We Love About Rome

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona

Roma, the ancient and the eternal. To really experience Rome you must do just one thing…get lost. Let the city’s web of hidden streets and secluded piazzette (small piazzas) show you the Rome you’ve been longing for. Traces of Antonioni’s L’eclisse are still echoed in the passionate voice of the people, the patina of history on every street corner, and the pulsating energy that is quintessentially Roman.

In no particular order, five things we love about Rome…

1. Roma Sotterranea (Rome’s ancient underground)

2. The three-generation charm and fantastic Roman dining at  Checco er Carettiere in Trastevere

3. A perfect espresso at Sant’Eustachio

4. The deliciously golden indulgence that is cacio e pepe

5. An evening drink along the Isola Tiberina

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