Wines of Lazio: Frascati and Cesanese del Piglio

Wines of Lazio: Frascati and Cesanese del Piglio

Wines of Lazio: Frascati and Cesanese del Piglio

by Dejou Marano

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed oenophile or just enjoy an occasional glass of red with your favorite cut of beef, everyone can certainly agree that Italy is and will forever be, a powerhouse of wine-making. But beyond all of the Chianti and Barolo, few have sampled the velvety, full-bodied splendor of Lazio‘s luscious Frascati and Cesanese del Piglio vintages.

Though wine has been produced in the Lazio region for over 3,000 years, only recently have the region’s signature wines been receiving acclaim from the global wine community. In the Castelli Romani area, located just outside of Rome, modern viticulture began to take shape following the end of World War I when military veterans were granted plots of land by the Italian government, and began producing wines for their personal consumption. Most vineyards line the fertile slopes of the Alban Hills, where they are surrounded by groves of chestnut and olive trees that were first planted by Popes in an endeavor to provide more produce to their local communities. Today, some of Italy’s best drinking whites and reds are produced on a boutique scale in Lazio.


Cesanese del Piglio is the king of all Lazio wines. It is the only DOCG designated wine from the region and is produced from the rare and hard to grow Cesanese di Affile grape. The small appellation in which these grapes are grown lies outside of Rome and comprises the towns of Piglio, Serrone, Acuto, Anagnani and Paliano, in the province of Frosinone. Cesanese del Piglio is a soft and slightly bitter wine. Variations of the wine range from sweet and easy drinking, to robust, dry and tannic. With distinct notes of  blueberry and hints of tobacco, this wine lends itself to rich cheeses, and smoked pork and game, indicative of typical Roman cuisine.


The next time you stop in at your favorite wine shop or need a little something special for your weekly supper club, pick up a vintage from Lazio. You’ll certainly surprise everyone with your envy inducing palate and  sommelier-esque wine sensibility.

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  2. Sofia Petrovska


    We are staying in Frascati area 16-20th of may and my question now is how to find and also book a tour around a vineyard in Frascati. Please get back to me if you have any tips.

    Best regards
    Sofia Petrovska

    1. Hello Sofia,

      Glad to hear that you are interested in visiting the Frascati area of Lazio. It is a beautiful area that is undoubtedly prized for its fine winemaking traditions and beautiful villas. CountryBred can certainly craft a five-day custom touring experience for you and your travel party around your dates in May. Please email us at if you are interested in a custom CountryBred Encounter. Thank you and happy travels!

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